Calvary Baptist Tabernacle was founded on 7th August 1975 with a total membership of thirty-six persons.聽 Today, under the leadership of Rev. Dr. Calvin O. Hazel, the Tabernacle has a membership of over three hundred persons.聽 There are various Ministries working together to make this Church the success that it is, working to accomplish the work of God.聽 Here is an overview of these Ministries at The Calvary Baptist Tabernacle.

Transportation is one of the means of getting people to and from the Tabernacle.聽 Being mindful of this and the concerns of people who are anxious to visit the church we embarked on a bold initiative and purchased a number of buses.聽 Just recently we purchased two new buses and our fleet now consists of five buses.
The commitment and efficiency of the chauffeurs in transporting people to the church enables services to start as scheduled.

The music ministry is a very important aspect of our church.聽 Over the years the Lord has blessed us with talent and humility and our music souls are being blessed, not only in St Kitts but throughout the entire Caribbean. We give God thanks for allowing us to serve him in this capacity.




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