Great and marvellous are thy works O Lord!  Dominion Radio has been doing a great work since its inception in July of 2008.  This has been confirmed by the many listeners who explicitly expressed their gratitude of hope that the Radio Station has brought to their lives.   One individual stated that it is the “Doctor” for our souls, no wonder, she says, the name given to it.

Dominion Radio has initiated three partnership teams.  Anyone can be part of any team he or she desires. 

The first team is called the “Circle of Love”.  This group of partners are those who have made a commitment to financially support this ministry on a monthly basis.

The second team is “Angels Heart”. 

This group of partners are those whose love gift comes through occasionally and our final team is “The Starlights”.

The Starlighters are those partners who make their contribution as a one time love gift.

We encourage anyone who has a heart for this Ministry to become a partner through one of these teams.

Dominion Radio says, thank you and May God bless you.


A new year has dawned and the old year has passed. 

Looking back, God has been good. 

Through many dangers, toils and snares we have come and by faith we will make it through 2012. 

I would most humbly like to thank all of you our dear partners and friends for all your prayers and support throughout 2011.

Let us continue like Nehemiah to build and not be distracted by the opposing forces.

Look out for greater things this year.

May the blessings of our God be with you.




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